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When the unexpected happens, crowns and bridges are great dental fixes from broken teeth. A crown will sit perfectly over the top of a broken tooth, providing long-lasting repair and protection. Whereas a bridge will complete any gaps left by missing teeth. At Queens Medical Center, our team of highly skilled dentists are able to create crowns and bridges to create high-quality restorations that will last for years.


Benefits Of Crowns & Bridges

Crowns and bridges are a perfect solution for those with broken or missing teeth.

What Are Crowns?

A crown is a cover for a damaged or broken tooth that replicates the natural look of your tooth. There are different types of materials that crowns can be made from, including: porcelain, ceramic, zirconia, metal, composite resin or a combination of materials. They are a long term solution to cover a broken tooth. Temporary crowns can be easily made to cover your tooth until a permanent crown can be made.

What You Would Need A Crown

A crown is needed when a filling isn’t sufficient for mending your broken or damaged tooth. It can also be used to improve the appearance of your tooth if there has been too much damage to it. They can also be used for teeth that are crooked or misshapen, restoring a good aesthetic appearance. If you have a cracked or weak tooth, a crown will also be recommended to hold your tooth together.

How Long Does A Crown Last?

Crowns don’t last forever but they can last for years, if looked after correctly. The material used for your crown will be assessed by our dentists for strength, durability and aesthetics. The average lifespan of a crown is 10 years. But each material will have its own lifespan. Zirconia crowns, for example, can last for 10-15 years. Maintaining good oral health will extend the lifespan of your crown.

What Are Bridges?

A bridge is a row of artificial teeth used to replace missing teeth. They are held in place by teeth on either side of the missing teeth. Bridges can be made of any material but are normally made of a material that matches the aesthetically blends with your normal teeth. Bridges are able to restore your smile and give you normal jaw functionality to chew and speak. It can also help restore the shape of your face.

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