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At Queens Medical Center, we provide you with the safest and the best dermal fillers available to help you look flawless. Dermal fillers decrease signs of aging, rejuvenate your skin, remove laughter lines, fine lines and wrinkles. They also restore volume in cheeks, lips, and areas around the eyes and chin. It’s a non invasive medical procedure. For the most comfortable experience and to reduce uneasiness that comes with injections, we provide you with various methods such as topical anesthetics and cold therapy. Whether you’re looking to have a plumper skin, look younger, or to restore your facial features, or to simply balance your young face features – we can help you get the desired results subtly in the most natural way.

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Benefits Of Dermal Fillers

Look younger today, and enhance your facial features by adding volume and fullness back to your face using dermal fillers. Benefits of injectable dermal fillers include:

What Are Dermal Fillers?

Dermal fillers are injectable treatments, also known as soft tissue fillers, or wrinkle fillers, containing collagen, hyaluronic acid or any other filler material. They are injected into the skin to give a plumper and fuller looking skin. At Queens Medical Center, we use one of the most common types of fillers that contains hyaluronic acid – a substance produced naturally by the body.   As we age, the collagen production in the skin also begins to slow down. The skin starts to lose its elasticity, and the lips also lose their fullness. If you are facing similar issues, you can consider injectable facial fillers at our clinic. Dermal fillers are a medium-risk treatment. That’s why you need to ensure that you get it from qualified professionals only.

Our experienced team at Queens Medical Center will deliver a safe and effective treatment, with after care instructions to help make your recovery at home as comfortable as possible. Dermal fillers are suitable for most people: women and men. However, you still need to discuss your medical history during your initial consultation with our dermatologist.

What Happens In A Session?

Once you arrive at our skin care clinic, the dermatologist will diagnose your skin and listen to all your concerns. They’ll also discuss the result you want to achieve. Once the issue has been targeted, the treatment session starts by applying an anesthetic to numb the area. After that, injectable fillers are injected in the areas where improvement is needed. Number of fillers used and the quantity depends on the severity of the issue and the patient’s requirements.

One treatment session requires 10-45 minutes. There are a few temporary side effects to dermal fillers such as swelling, redness, and slight bleeding around the area where the injection was inserted.However, none of these are permanent, and go away in a few days. In addition, if you suffer from cold sores, you may get an outbreak after fillers. This is why you need to consult our dermatologist before getting fillers, in order to know your medical history, and to recommend medications before the treatment if needed. Our team will give you special after care instructions to reach full recovery as quickly as possible.

How Long Will The Result Last?

Dermal fillers results can last from four to six months. However, this depends on the patient’s skin and how fast their metabolism breaks the filler down. Regular sessions will keep you looking younger for the longest time. Depending on your skin type and requirements, we recommend one treatment every 6 months or annually. The important thing is to remain consistent.

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