This Privacy Policy note stands for all the activities and measures implemented towards protecting any sort of information that you provide us while accessing or using our Website, Social media, or any other communication platform.

In the below privacy note, “we”, “our”, or “us” is Queens Medical Center.
“You”, “Yours” is the client or the user.

Information we may collect from you

  • 1. Information you share about yourself

Any communication taking place through our clinic website forms, telephone calls, emails, text messages, social media platforms, online chat, and other methods may get collated by us for future use. This information may be personal and demographic information including name, date of birth, health information and concerns, address, telephone number, mobile number, and email.

  • 2. Information shared as medical history

When you undergo any medical procedures, we may collect information regarding medical histories and details like x-rays and clinical radiographs, past and existing medical and dental conditions, habits, lifestyle, preferences, treatment packages or plans, treatment consents, waivers, clinical notes and records, Booking & appointments and any correspondence relating to you and other healthcare professionals. To ensure quick and consistent service, we collate and store this information for the future.

  • 3. Storage of information

We follow the systematic and scientific storage of all types of information we gather. With electronic and hard record maintenance, we ensure secure and confidential storage. Upon a term of inactive performance, all collated records get disposed of securely.

  • 4. Confidentiality

We comply with the law to protect personal data and information being shared with us. We do not sell, share, or disclose any of the information to a third party, however upon the submission of proper authorization from legal authorities may overrule this.

  • 5. Security

The insecurity of the internet medium is always a threat. However, we proactively safeguard your information against all kinds of unauthorized access. With advanced firewalls and security system, our security team ensures better protection on all what is exposed here.

  • 6. Cookies

To comprehend advanced user experience, we use cookies on our websites. However, the user gets the authority to inactivate or decline the use of cookies, which may reduce the quality of experience.

  • 7. Changes to the privacy policy

We may amend the privacy note concerning any up-gradation of the business or service nature. However, Users will remain informed via email notifications/SMS regarding every change of policies.

  • 8. Contact Us

We always advise our clients and well-wishers to get connected with us to have a fair understanding of our privacy note. Any complaints regarding the privacy policy can be addressed to us via e-mail.

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