Most people who decide to receive orthodontic care are mainly after a healthy and beautiful smile. For those of you who are extra cognizant of your smile, having braces will greatly enhance your appearance and accentuate your facial expressions.

Queens Medical Center offers the advantage of an orthodontist within a very close distance from your family’s general and pediatric dentists. Enjoy unlimited access to skilled and certified dental specialist who genuinely and whole-heartedly promise to deliver sound oral health.

You are guaranteed a smile with full confidence after your treatment is completed. We have structured our practice to ensure that every patient that walks through Queen Medical Center’s doors will receive the quality care that they deserve. Imagine the results of such elaborate treatment – astonishing no doubt.

How Orthodontic Treatment Works

Orthodontic tools are made of metal, plastic, or ceramic. They may be detachable or may be brackets affixed to the teeth. You can move braces to their appropriate position by placing a consistent but mild force in a carefully controlled motion.

Recent improvements have brought about brackets that are clear or metallic, and sometimes, in a color that matches your appliance. Wires are less conspicuous and with the most recent advances in the materials, your teeth will move faster comfortably. There has never been a better time to wear braces, doesn’t matter what age you are.

Duration of Treatment

The duration of your treatment depends on various factors ranging from your age, the treatment method used, and the severity of your case. It could be between one and three years. Ultimately, achieving a truly successful treatment depends majorly on you, the patient! The speed and efficiency of your treatment depend greatly on how involved and diligent you are. Giving children interceptive or early treatment will also give them a faster treatment time in the future.

Before you start your orthodontic care, your doctor will provide you with a comprehensive analysis of your options and an estimate of the duration of your treatment. Book an appointment with us for proper orientation of our treatments and to learn more about orthodontics.

We provide the following orthodontic solutions for both adults and children: Invisalign

Each aligner moves the position of your teeth up, down and sideways, even rotating them at will. Your aligners are designed to use the right amount of force in the appropriate place at the right time. Invisalign is the only clear aligner made of superior, multilayer SmartTrack® material that will gently adjust the position of your teeth till its perfectly aligned. Our products also include Invisalign braces with practically unnoticeable custom clear trays. Teens and adults who want to brighten their smile without metal wires will absolutely love this braces.

Incognito Lingual Braces

These are newly introduced high tech braces that are inconspicuously placed behind the teeth, unlike regular ‘train tracks’ that are placed in front. With these braces, you are guaranteed full protection from anyone noticing you have them one because they are practically invisible from the outside. They are suitable for people of all ages – children, adolescents, and adults, who need to correct the position of their tooth. 

Damon System

This is more than highly advanced braces and wires, it is an entirely new way treatment method. Conventional treatment usually requires removing healthy teeth and/or use palatal expanders to create space. The problem with this method is that it takes longer, leaves a narrower arch, a flat profile and it makes the patient feel uncomfortable. The Damon System, however, creates complete, natural 10-tooth smiles with light biologically-sensible forces, and they’re engineered to enhance the overall facial result of each patient.

Six Month Smiles

This smile cosmetic braces offer a limited time period of orthodontic treatment to patients. It is composed of clear brackets and wires that are the same color as your tooth, making it easy for us to move your teeth quickly, safely and painlessly.

Ceramic & Metal Braces

Ceramic braces are obviously a fitting substitute for metal braces using clear brackets that are the same color as your teeth. The benefit of these brackets is that they’re less noticeable, allowing you to smile with confidence. Ceramic brackets are suitable for both children and adults.

Tooth-colored wires can be used at the initial stage of tooth repositioning but you will need stronger metal wires as treatment progresses.

There are several ways you can transform your smile. At Queens Medical Center, you are offered a variety of services that’ll give you the smile of your dreams. It doesn’t matter what type of smile related treatment you want, we have the tools and expertise to produce the results you deserve. Browse through our wide range of orthodontics dentistry solutions.