Pediatric Dentistry


Pediatric dentistry is one of many specialty areas in dentistry that is recognized officially. Being a specialty field, you’ll need to complete extra training in pediatric dentistry after your normal dental degree. You’ll also spend time in the pediatric dentistry clinic, and a lot of regular dentists feel comfortable treating children.

By introducing your children early in life to good oral hygiene and the culture of visiting the dentist, you can inculcate in them the habit as they grow older into adults and expel any fears they may have of dental procedures.

Children shouldn’t have to be afraid of the dentist. Granted they can be afraid of the unknown, but they aren’t born with the natural fear of the dentist. At Queens Medical Center, we enjoy treating children very much and do all within our power to get their cooperation.

The principles of treatment of baby teeth are similar to the treatment of adult teeth. For baby teeth, our dentist employs a unique method such as pulpotomies. You can be rest assured that your child is in safe hands with our dentist, so we encourage you to relax your mind. Once your child makes the first visit, they will feel much better at subsequent ones.

Queens Medical Center promises the best dental care possible for your child. We will help your child relieve any tension they may have and make them feel comfortable during each visit, readying them to adopt a lifestyle of healthy smiles.

Pediatric Dental Treatments

There are several dental treatments that can protect children from having tooth decay, they include:

Dental Sealants: these are a plastic coating applied by the pediatric dentist to seal the grooves on the chewing surfaces of the molars so as to prevent cavities from forming. If left untreated it could become a breeding ground for bacteria.

Topical Fluoride: Fluoride strengthens the teeth and makes it more immune to decay. Granted your child may be getting fluoride from their toothpaste and drinking water but your child dentist will know the required amount to administer for optimum protection.

Root Canal Treatment: This treatment though not specific to children might be necessary to protect their teeth from diseases that would require orthodontic treatment.

Bonding: Certain injuries to the front teeth may require bonding materials made from durable resins that are the same color as your teeth.

Orthodontia: Children around the age of seven may suffer from malocclusions that require orthodontic treatment. Undergoing this treatment in its early stages will prevent your child from having to undergo a full orthodontic treatment later.

The staffs at Queens Medical Center are especially fond of children and enjoy taking care of them. Don’t hesitate to contact our trusted dentistry team today.