You may probably have heard of the term, or maybe not. Either way, we’re going to clear the air about it in once and for all.

Dental veneers, also known as porcelain laminates/veneers, are wafer-thin, customized shells that function as alternatives to knackered enamels.

Categorized under cosmetic dentistry, dental veneers conceal the front part of the teeth, making you look more attractive and healthy. They function beyond enhancing your appearance but also provide additional protection to the surface of already damaged teeth thereby saving you from extensive treatment expenses.

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The Process

You will first have to consult with your dentist to explain exactly what you seek to achieve, after which the veneer will be added through a surgical procedure. Veneer options range from chiseled tooth, a brighter tooth or even filling the gaps between your teeth. You may also target the perfect alignment between your upper and lower teeth. No matter the issue you’re having as far as cosmetic surgery is concerned, you can be sure that dental veneers will resolve it for you.

After the initial consultation is completed, the doctor will organize all the facts and details and even design a duplicate of the model you’re trying to create with an x-ray. Your doctor will also have to confirm if you’re eligible for dental veneers on the first visit. You need to undergo this test because bad teeth such as progressed dental cavities can disqualify you from this procedure.

Who Can Use Veneers?

You’re obviously already aware of the many benefits that dental veneers can provide along with its ability to transform your smile to that classic Hollywood touch you’ve always dreamed of. Before using them, however, it is important to know whether you’re an ideal candidate for dental veneers.

If for some reason you have a problem with your smile, perhaps you want to make it a bit brighter and more noticeable, then dental veneers are for you.

Veneers are also ideal for people suffering from dental challenges such as worn down teeth, irregularly shaped or misaligned teeth, chipped and broken down teeth as well as those with progressed tooth discoloration that cannot be treated with whitening products. Tooth gaps can also be corrected using veneers, they offer the perfect solution for achieving that Hollywood smile Dubai cosmopolitan adore.

Why Veneers Specifically?

Going for veneers is a matter of the patient’s tastes and preferences. Although you have the option of going for implants or dental crowns to resolve a particular dental problem, dental veneers are a better option as they allow you to decide on the look that’s best for you. You also have the power to modify the look while the operation is ongoing if you’re not satisfied. You can decide to go for the instant ones which are already pre-made and pocket-friendly. From lumineers to porcelain veneers that you can bend to your will, veneers have proven to be very reliable and effective at giving you that perfect look that lasts and is worth the price.

How Long Do They Last?

If taken care of properly, your dental veneer should be able to last you for about 10-15 years. You can decide to do a cosmetic re-modification on it or conduct a full replacement after that time. Either way, a decade plus years of use should have served its purpose and value enough. Same applies to composite veneers and the porcelain teeth which consists of the more permanent porcelain veneers. So feel free to showcase your smile and don’t forget to take regular care of it.