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Profhilo is an anti aging treatment in Dubai, with fantastic and enduring effects. Which helps you preserve your beauty. It is a beauty injectable treatment.

If you think that your skin is losing its charm or you are losing on your captivating beauty, increasing age is showing its effects on your skin and you are getting wrinkles. Of all the skin problems, there is a one solution, Profhilo Treatment in Dubai. Which is non-surgical, riskless, efficacious and long lasting.

Profhilo treatment has gained so much acknowledgement in Dubai in the recent past. People have found Profhilo treatment quite productive and advantageous.

Profhilo treatment has brought the first non-chemical product having cross linking BDDE stabilized injectable hyaluronic acid (HA) which is a natural substance thats helps in dealing with the skin remodelling and other skin issues. Profhilo treatment is the most harmless, fruitful and a brilliant treatment to deal with your skin aging.Profhilo treatment doesn’t contain any chemical BDDE, which makes the chances of hypersensitive reaction very negligible and that also guarantees you no synthetic chemical will go into your body through Profhilo treatment

Profhilo Treatment in Dubai Benefits

You can achieve the following benefits from
the Profhilo Treatment in Dubai:

What is Profhilo Treatment?

Profhilo treatment in Dubai is the best solution of skin aging, to get rid of wrinkles and to provide smoothness to your skin.
Profhilo Treatment also helps in enhancing your skin tone and texture
Profhilo treatment is a non surgical and minimal invasive.
Profhilo treatment holds a natural substance which hydrates your dehydrated skin.
Profhilo treatment helps in vanishing the fine lines, wrinkles and aging signs.

Goals of the Profhilo Treatment

These are the goals of Profhilo Treatment:
• Tighten the Skin
• Improve the skin tone and texture
• Bring freshness and hydration to the dehydrated skin
• Banish the wrinkles and fine lines
• Remove any aging signs
• Restore the beauty of the skin

Ideal candidate Criteria?

You are a perfect candidate for Profhilo Treatment if you:
• are looking to get fresher, better and tighter skin
• want to have a hydrated skin
• are tired of wrinkles, fine lines and aging signs
• want to boost your skin tone and texture
• have full belief in the brilliant results of Profhilo Treatment in Dubai

Pre Profhilo Treatment Procedure Instructions

Just like every treatment, Profhilo treatment also have some pre-treatment instructions which are needed to be followed by the patient in order to get the best results from the treatment. Each person has different skin and that is why our expert surgeons will advise different pre treatment cares to everyone. Here are few common instructions which are given to our patients:

• Avoid directly exposing your skin to the sun before going for the Profhilo Treatment
• Don’t skip any medicine which is prescribed by your doctor
• Before going through the Profhilo Treatment in Dubai, discuss your entire medical history with the doctor

Procedure for Profhilo Treatment

Usually, it takes upto 45 minutes to 1 hour to complete the entire procedure of Profhilo Treatment. During the Profhilo Treatment, the surgeon injects Hyaluronic acid (HA) into the patient’s skin which is to be treated with the use of syringe. It is a natural occurring substances which provides multiple benefits to your skin. It activates 4 types of collagen in your skin which helps it to get firm and tighter. Normally, it takes just 2 sessions of Profhilo Treatment to elevate the needed results.

Profhilo Treatment Post-Procedure cares

Following are the after-treatment steps which are advised by the surgeon to the patients in order to get desired results:
• Avoid any kind of hefty physical activities after getting profhilo treatment for at least a week
• Don’t reveal your treated skin directly into the sunlight for couple of weeks. Use of sunscreen as per the Doctor’s prescription is compulsory
• In order to eliminate the swelling and bruising, use cold compresses.

Results and Recovery

Profhilo Treatment is a proven effective treatment which doesn’t take a lot of time to bring out the desired results. Although, the patient should follow all the instructions given by the surgeon, that will increase the positive effects of the Profhilo Treatment. There is not many precautions which are needed to be taken by the patient after Profhilo Treatment but yet the person should avoid lifting any heavy weight for few days. While the patient is strictly advised to use sunscreen in order to protect his or her skin from direct Sun light UV rays.

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